Make it Thursday’s: Ruffle trim flowers

A few weeks ago I shared some flowers I made with artificial leaves and the ruffle trim you can find at Hobby Lobby or AliExpress. The nearest Hobby Lobby to me is almost an hour away so I rely on mail order or my crafty swapping friend Benielle to keep me supplied with trim.

This is the gorgeous stuff from Hobby Lobby-isn’t it amazing? The texture of this is like chiffon-the AliExpress stuff has more of a netting type feel. You can use either for this project. This is what we’ll be making:

The ones on the top I made for a summer swap I just completed. I think they have a hibiscus tropical type feel.

Here’s what you’ll need:

I used die cut leaves for this one, but any leaves will do-you could pluck them off the Dollar Tree stems and have a ton to use. The bridal section of Michaels will also have some.

Cut your trim to about 10 inches and pick a center for your flower. You can use sequins, gems, rhinestones, whatever.

Now turn over your trim and find the center stitch and fold on that line

Like this:

Now apply some hot glue and start coiling it up on itself.

Like this:

Keep going:

Adding little bits of glue as you go.

When you reach the end put a big glob of glue on the bottom:

Stick on your leaf

Once it’s set up flip it over to the right side and wiggle your finger in to spread out the center and make a spot for your gem:

Glue down the center and firmly press

And you’re done!! Marvel at the beauty of what you’ve made and if you’re like me repeat these steps 3 dozen more times to build up your stash!

I made hot pink too.

These were packed up and sent in happy mail, but they’re perfect for all sorts of crafts. You could stick them to a hat or even a pair of sandals. I plan on putting some on a summer tote.

Have fun and if you make some and post on your social media tag me or put in #paperbitsandfabricsnips

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial-follow my blog for email notifications about new posts and check me out on Instagram for updates to my blog and additions to my Etsy shop!



6 thoughts on “Make it Thursday’s: Ruffle trim flowers

  1. For how beautiful these are I was expecting something way more complex. These look easy enough for even me to make! 😮 And they’re gorgeous! Great tutorial 💚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I will! I just have to get some trim 😬 I may have something that will work 🤔 I’ll tag you when I do make them 🤗 thanks for sharing!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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