A tale of two happy mails!

I’ve got quite a few swaps scheduled for May and to be quite honest there was a hot second there that I was completely overwhelmed! I made one of my biggest projects to date and it was a labor of love for sure. As I wrapped it lovingly and placed it in the box I was sad to see it go, like a child going off to college-hahaha! Knowing that her (yes of course it’s a she) new owner would love it just as much as I did made it easier to send her off.

For me sending Happy Mail is even more fun than receiving. I fancy myself an “expert giver” so sending off things to pen pals is a dream come true.

Want to see what was inside? Of course you do!

If you want a look of what’s inside that embellishment book go check out my Instagram-here’s a peek

The second swap I sent out was a Disney themed one. This one was hosted by Rachel at Paperventures she’s got some amazing content! Go check her out. For this swap we had bought items and homemade crafty items. Each of use had to send a Disney mug and pin and one other Disney goodie, as well as items I made. Here’s a peek at this one:

I won’t lie-this one was a challenge for me. In the end I loved how it came out but I had to overcome some serious crafters block to get there.

Well that’s all for today-got that pesky day job to take care of. I’ll be back soon with a tutorial for some rosettes made from trims so be sure to follow this blog or my Instagram for updates on new posts!

❤️ Stephanie

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