One sheet mini album tutorial, or First Post!

So I’ve done it, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and start a blog. Not sure if anyone will actually read it, but here goes-I’m jumping right in. I’ll be posting tutorials, project shares and anything else that may come to my mind. I’ve been keeping a list of ideas in my phone for a little bit now and hope to use them for future posts, but for my first post I’m sharing a tutorial. A few weeks ago I shared this little cutie on my Instagram feed:

It got lots of love and a few requests for a tutorial. Why you ask? Because I bragged I only used one sheet of 12×12 paper for its base. Pretty cool right? This isn’t a new concept-I’ve seen similar projects on YouTube, mine is put together slightly differently only because I couldn’t quite get it together to follow the instructions I’d seen other places! This little beauty is perfect for sending to pen pals alone or with other treats. It has little pockets for stickers, ephemera or even tucking in tea bags! Here are some glamor shots of the one I made for this tutorial

Cute right? So now on to the tutorial!

Here’s what you’ll need:

I used Crate Paper’s new All Heart collection. See that paper right there? It’s my favorite of the whole collection and maybe my favorite of all time. I bought ten of them! Now this picture is just a suggestion. As far as adhesives go these are my go to’s. Tombow extreme is great because it literally will stick anything to everything and the Fabri-tac is my wet glue of choice because you get wiggle room and no paper waffling. But seriously you do you, whatever adhesives you like are best for you. Trust me. It’ll work no matter what. Another important tool I left out of the photo is a scoreboard. You can fold by hand sure, but the scoreboard will make it so much easier. As far as the paper goes you’ll need one 12×12 that’s double sided. I choose ones with all over patterns that don’t have a right way or a wrong way.

First step:

Score at 2″, 6″ and 10″

This will be your pockets and the top fold of the book

Next you’ll turn the paper 90 degrees and score at 3″, 6″, and 9″

Then pull out your bone folder and crease all the folds. This is where you can decide which pattern will be your outside and which will be your inside

Now here’s the single scissor cut of the project

see where my scissors are? That’s where you stop cutting. What you’re looking at will be the inside pockets.

Now let’s fold it together

This is a top view-can you see where we are headed? Doesn’t it look like a frog? Hahaha. The frog’s “feet” will be the outside covers.

Now we have some gluing to do with the glue of your choice. I used a combo of wet and dry

Glue here

And here

That center line I drew is where the book is already glued. Then fold the glued side onto its neighboring rectangle towards the middle. The outermost rectangles are the covers, remember?

Now we should have our little mini album/book. It’s time to glue the sides of our pockets. I used wet for this.

Glue here:

And here:


Now I round the corners

Just the top ones. Next we attach a binding. Cut a strip of paper 4×3 and fold in half.

I prettied mine up with a border punch.

Add glue and attach.

Hold this and press with your bone folder to make sure everything is adhered

I cut string and attach it to the back- you can use ribbon if you want. Cover it up with something cute to make sure it’s on securely.

Look at you! You did it! Decorate the inside and fill with goodies.

I used bits and pieces of the collection to embellish the folders on the inside. You can fill the pockets with whatever, tea bags, stickers, a gift card or maybe some life affirmations! You’ve just made yourself a great little gift from the heart.

Hope you enjoyed this first post-stick around for more- subscribe and follow me on Instagram for updates and more project shares!

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